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Nov 2, 2021 - Dec 12, 2021

Angelic Mircodosing Course

  • 41Days


Opening ceremony Monday 8th Nov 7.00-8.30pm via zoom Throughout this 5 week angelic microdosing course, we will to take you on a unique online group healing experience. You will be fully guided and supported on your plant medicine journey. Connecting each Monday as a group and working with a different angelic energy each week, the 4 Archangels, Uriel, Raphael, Michael & Gabriel and the energies they represent in the world. If you are looking to: - Overcome Anxiety - Improve mood - Live your life in the present - Boost creativity You're in the right place! You will be encouraged to use the tools provided by us to practice daily. This will help you make the most of the plant medicine and integrate the lessons and teachings into the mind, body and soul for permanent change in your everyday life. These will include: - Intention - Ceremony - Consecration - Meditation You will be provided with all the plant medicines and everything you will need for the course. The program opens and preparation steps will be made available from 2nd Nov.

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