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Human Optimisation Retreat - March 2024
Human Optimisation Retreat - March 2024

Time is TBD



Human Optimisation Retreat - March 2024

An elite black label journey at the pinnacle of human evolution!

Time & Location

Time is TBD

Cheshunt, Lieutenant Ellis Way, Cheshunt, Goff's Oak, Waltham Cross EN7 5HW, UK

About the Event

Human Optimisation Retreat

Unleash Your Potential: Dive into The Human Optimisation Retreat's Transformative Experience!

We're thrilled to announce an upcoming opportunity that promises to reshape your concept of personal growth and wellness. Are you tired of the mundane and yearning for something more? It's time to embark on an extraordinary journey at ‘The Human Optimisation Retreat’. Scheduled for February, this event is not one to miss. Nestled conveniently close to London and just a stone's throw away from the M25, this retreat offers a unique opportunity to escape the chaos of everyday life and step into a world of self-discovery and growth.

Just some of the benefits from this truly uplifting experience are:

Understated Luxury Amidst Nature's Embrace

At The Human Optimisation Retreat, we believe in combining the best of both worlds - the quiet opulence of understated luxury set within the serene embrace of nature. Our venue, The Birch Cheshunt, is a haven of tranquility, designed to provide you with the comfort and indulgence you deserve, all while immersing you in the beauty of the natural world.

Find Inner Balance

Amidst the tranquil embrace of nature, immerse yourself in the ancient practices of yoga and meditation. Find that elusive inner balance, reconnecting with your true self. This journey isn't just about the physical - it's about nurturing your mind and spirit, allowing you to carry the serenity of this experience into your daily life.

Embrace Cold Water Therapy

A highlight of this retreat is the invigorating cold water therapy. Plunge into icy waters and watch as your body awakens, boosting circulation and enhancing your resilience. It's a bold step towards self-discovery and renewed vitality, a testament to your commitment to growth.

Transform Your Mind

The power of your mind knows no bounds. Through transformative hypnosis sessions, guided by seasoned experts, you'll have the chance to release limiting beliefs and craft a mindset primed for success. Break down the barriers that have held you back and pave the way for an empowered future.

Ignite Your Senses

Heart-opening cacao ceremonies and mesmerizing sound healing sessions await you. Indulge your senses, elevating your spirit and leaving you in a state of positive energy. These experiences will remain etched in your memory, serving as a touchstone for the transformation you've undergone.

A Supportive Community of Like-Minded Individuals

Being part of The Human Optimisation Retreat isn't just a solitary experience. It's a chance to join a vibrant community of like-minded individuals, all on their unique paths to growth and holistic wellness. Share insights, exchange stories, and form connections that will last far beyond the retreat.

Convenient Location

Located conveniently close to London and easily accessible from the M25, The Human Optimisation Retreat offers the perfect balance between tranquility and accessibility. Just a short journey away, you'll find yourself immersed in a world of transformation without the hassle of extensive travel.

Don't miss out on this life-altering experience! 

Reserve your spot now and be prepared to witness remarkable changes in your life.

This transformational experience will take place at the stunning Birch Community Hotel in Hertfordshire.

Our agenda for the weekend will be:


  • Arrival & Opening Circle
  • Breathwork
  • Ice Water Therapy
  • Yoga
  • Sound Healing
  • Private Dinner
  • THB (Transcendent Hypno Beats)
  • Fire Ceremony


  • Cacao Ceremony
  • Kundalini Awakening Process (KAP)
  • Natures Teachers MD Talk
  • Closing Circle

Packages (Hotel stay to be booked separately. Rooms start at 200 GBP pn)


  • HO Luxury retreat 
  • All Experiences
  • Food and Beverages
  • Investment 777 GBP
  • Payment Plans Available (please enquire)

We have limited spaces available and a 300 GBP deposit will be required to secure your space (remained due 2 weeks before the retreat).

For more information please contact Matt 07921559517


  • Human Optimisation

    This ticket includes: Human Optimisation Luxury Retreat Accommodation must be booked separately

  • Human Optimisation - Deposit

    This the the deposit only. Full payment due 2 weeks before the event Accommodation must be booked separately




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