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Webinar: Cosmic Surrender Codes
Webinar: Cosmic Surrender Codes

Wed, 23 Nov



Webinar: Cosmic Surrender Codes

THE UNIVERSE KNOWS THE WAY! Receive divine teachings, gifts and codes to enable you to surrender to the flow of the Universal will and live a life of more happiness, peace and freedom.

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Time & Location

23 Nov 2022, 19:30 – 21:00


About the Event

Cosmic Surrender Codes 

The Universe Knows the Way 

As spiritual beings born into a material world, life has often felt harsh, uncomfotable and filled with fear and struggle. The feeling that everything is happening to us, that we are sepatate from life, nature and all that surrounds us.

But what if this no longer needed to be your truth. What if you could learn to let go, to truly surrender to the flow of life, the flow of the universe. What if you had the absolute trust, faith and knowing that all the was happening was happening for your greatest good and the greatest good of everyone in existence regardless of how it felt in the moment? What if this freed you of fear, allowed you to follow your heart, raise your vibration and live your ultimate life in complete alignment and flowe with the universe.

In this unique webinar you will learn exactly that. You will discover the key concepts and teachigs that underpin thgis new way of living, allow you to embody the truly meaning of surrender and change your life forever.

You will also receive a cosmic soul language channelled healing to assist this teaching. This healing will call in the powerful galactic forces through vibrational sounds and frequencies to shift your very being at a cellular level. Bringing with is codes, downloads and upgrades to your system that will allow you to integrate these teachings in every level and layer of your life.

Do you want to shift and evolve your multi dimentional life to a new paradigm of true peace, love and happiness?


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