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Updated: Feb 6, 2023

Depression Part 1: Gratitude

Following on from my video earlier this week, I will be focusing on depression and tools to help people to overcome it.

As a suicide surviver and a previous sufferer of depression, I completely understand how it feels to be in that state and what It feels like to be struggling with the thoughts and the low energy and that’s why I’m keen to share the tools and tips that I used to pull myself out of what seemed like a bottomless abyss.

The first tool in my arsenal was always GRATITUDE. This is a topic often spoken about, and for good reason. When I was in the pits of despair and I felt like my life wasn’t worth living, finding even small elements of my life that I was grateful for made such a difference. I found that not only was it a nice thing to do, but also that it was impossible for me to feel grateful and depressed at the same time.

Here are the steps that I use to practice gratitude:

Find things in your life for which you are grateful.

Describe why exactly you are grateful for these people, places or things

Decide what it is you are going to do today to show you are grateful

I like to pick 5 things and to help you get the ball rolling I have shared mine in this video today

These are:

My partner and her kids

My Mum

My little Flo Bum



So what are the 5 things today? Why are grateful for it? What are you going to do today to show your grateitude?

If you are interested in anything that I do or offer or would like some help or advice the please reach out and I’ll be happy to help.

Peace ✌🏽❤️🐻‍❄️

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