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Updated: Feb 20, 2023

Further to last week’s instructional video on how to make the perfect Cacao, this week I will be showing you how to make the very same cacao in a velvetiser.

This is something I get asked a lot. Whether it be for those who don’t feel they have time to be whisking cacao in the morning, those worried they might boil or burn it or those (like me) who want a nice clean and easy option to be able to take this magical Cacao to anywhere you might stay away.

What you need:



Chopping Board

Cacao (I use @fullpowercacaco)

Plant Milk

Agave Syrup

Pink Himalayan Salt

Organic Coconut Sugar

Optional extras:

Milk Frother


The process:

First things first take 15-20g of cacao (about a tablespoon) onto your chopping board and chop it nice and small so it won’t get stuck under the velvetiser whisk.

Add you cups worth of plant milk to the velvetiser (I’m using @plenish oat milk as it’s organic and doesn’t have any additives in it).

Add your chopped cacao, pour in the agave and coconut sugar and add a pinch of salt.

Switch it on and allow the magic to happen. Once finished pour into your favourite cup. For an added extra luxury touch. Hold back a little of the milk and put in the milk frother. Pour on top of your cacao and grate some raw cacao on top for that cappuccino style finish.

Now enjoy you silky rich heart opening cacao and feel your vibe rise.

Watch out for my cacao ceremony video on making your morning ritual extra special

Peace ✌🏽❤️🐻‍❄️

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