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FULL POWER CACAO finds its origins in Venezuela where our Cacao is planted, grown, picked and processed by family farmers. They are all part of the “PLAN MÁS CACAO” project which is a plan of growth for the farmers of Venezuelan Cacao, to improve their quality of life through the productivity of the land. This social program promotes sustainable development by promoting social inclusion and providing lasting economic growth for the farmers. FULL POWER CACAO is here to change the vibration of the planet to one of heart centred empowerment and wisdom. We want to reveal each individual’s unique magnificence to themselves so they can start vibrating high. Not only having a positive impact on their lives but the lives of all those around them and the whole planet. FULL POWER CACAO wants to give people the gift of connection so they can truly believe that they are on this planet to be abundant in every way and live a life of peace, happiness, laughter and bliss.


  • Ceremonial dose: 40g-60g

    Everyday dose: 20g-30g


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