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QEST Healing Session

Quantum Expansion & Soul Transformation Healing (QEST) with Personal Full Power Cacao Ceremony

  • 1 h
  • 200 British pounds
  • Royal Tunbridge Wells

Service Description

Why have a QEST Healing session? QEST (Quantum Expansion & Transformation) Healing helps you align with what your higher self already knows is for your highest vibrational time line to bring ultimate peace, love, happiness, freedom, fulfilment and joy and the ability to tap into manifestation. What happens in a QEST Healing session? I shift energies, clear blockages in energy systems. Optimising bioenergetic and personal magnetic frequency fields. Removing limiting beliefs, dissolving fears and realigning people with the universal wisdom. I also removed cleans and clear entities and energies that are no longer serving, sending them back to the quantum field. How is QEST Healing facilitated? Using a unique combination of intuitive energy healing, belief work, channeled vibrational languages and sounds and state of the art frequency healing device based on the incredible research from nikola Tesla, accessing 144k vibrational frequencies to be transmitted into your bioenergetic & electromagnetic fields in a personalised sequence for your highest and best alignment. I connect and plug into the 7th and highest plane of existence for true organic guidance on what is for your ultimate ascension path in the current now moment Benefits include: ⚡️ Balancing your energy ⚡️ Relief from stress and anxiety ⚡️ Increased creativity ⚡️ Removing blocks ⚡️ Spiritual connection ⚡️ Attracting abundance ⚡️ Supports immune system ⚡️ Assists physical healing ⚡️ Promotes peace and relaxation ⚡️ Relieves pain ⚡️ Supports wellness ⚡️ Entity removal ⚡️ Dissolving cords, ties & attachments ⚡️ Limiting belief tranformation ⚡️ Ascension Support ⚡️ Energetic protection As with many energy healing modalities, this powerful practice can be facilitated in a face to face session or at a distance via zoom by tapping into the quantum field that makes up all that is. For online sessions please book 2 weeks in advance for distribution of Cacao Please contact prior to booking to ensure availability.

Contact Details

  • Tunbridge Wells, UK

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