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Theta Healing Session

A holistic energy healing method combining spirituality, meditation, & energy healing

  • 1 h 20 min
  • 200 British pounds
  • Royal Tunbridge Wells

Service Description

As a Theta Healing practitioner, I offer a holistic and transformative energy healing service that combines elements of spirituality, quantum physics, and meditation to bring about physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. My approach to healing is based on accessing the theta brainwave state, a state of deep meditation and connection with the universe, in order to tap into the universal life force energy, also known as "Creator of All That Is" or "Source." By accessing this energy, I can facilitate healing and bring about positive change in my clients' lives. During a session, I guide my clients into a theta brainwave state and use visualization, affirmations, and intention to address specific issues and beliefs, such as physical pain, negative thought patterns, and emotional traumas. By identifying and changing limiting beliefs and emotions, I help my clients release blockages and restore balance and harmony in their mind, body, and spirit. Theta Healing is not just limited to physical and emotional healing. It can also be used for spiritual growth and development, to improve relationships, enhance creativity, and manifest abundance and success. I offer my services to people of all ages, backgrounds, and belief systems, and I can work with my clients to achieve their desired outcomes, whether it's for themselves or others. The process of Theta Healing is usually conducted in a one-on-one session between me and my client, and the experience is usually described as peaceful, calming, and transformative. In conclusion, as a Theta Healing practitioner, I offer a holistic and empowering approach to healing that can bring about lasting change and improve the quality of my clients' lives in numerous ways.

Contact Details

  • Tunbridge Wells, UK

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