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Humble Bear

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Supporting you to identify and remove the limiting beliefs of the ego to change the way you subconsciously operate. Removing behaviours that cause self sabotage and fear. Once your inner world is alchemised & transmuted to a for higher vibratory state, your outer world will manifest the same..."A new heaven and a new earth"


As a society we spend so much time and money investing in the outside world, our appearance our homes, our social lives, our work, our assets. Yet most of us spend very little on our mental health and state of our inner world, on our mind and spirit.

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  • Find out where you are and what you need to best fit you.

  • Discovering where you are, where you want to be and how to get there.

    200 British pounds
  • Personal and tailored cacao ceremony to focus on your specific needs

  • Quantum Expansion & Soul Transformation Healing (QEST) with Personal ...

    200 British pounds
  • Angelic Reiki is a form of energy healing combining Reiki & angelic re...

    200 British pounds
  • Aligning the energies of your land, home or business for abundance, jo...

    600 British pounds
  • A holistic energy healing method combining spirituality, meditation, &...

    200 British pounds

Client Testimonials

What Clients Say

"To Anyone who is feeling lost, alone or without direction read this…

I came to matt in a time of darkness. rock bottom. zero - i’d lost everything and couldn’t see a light. Matt doesn’t tell you what to do he guides you to figure it yourself. Accepting where your at and being okay with it is step 1. From there it’s about how much you really want to rediscover yourself. It’s safe to say Matt and his techniques have changed my life forever. I now look at life’s challenges through a new lens, my mind works in more logical channels and looking back at how far i have come in such a short space of time i can’t honestly fathom the progression. When i look at the Who, why, how i am where I am today- matt is the person i really have to thank. I’ve never been more grateful to have such a positive soul and energy enter my space - his ability to relate to your situation and identify easy wins and how you best operate is essential in the progression. For anyone who is lost I can’t recommend him enough… Matt will help you find your true self"

Johnny S - Former mentoring client


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